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Our memberships are on a 12 months period and cannot be pro-rated for partial year.

Every member must be enrolled in the GHIN system for participation in PBGC Member tournaments and Club Championship. Monthly installment payment available ($10 fee per payment). 


  • 20% off on Pro Shop Items.

  • 20% off on the 19th Hole Bar & Café

  • Special Member prices 

  • Club Member Only Events & Tournaments. 

  • Complimentary Birthday 1/2 Cart Fee  

  • Unlimited Green Fees

*This benefits does not apply to seasonal members.

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Hole 14





  • Includes Unlimited green fees. 

  • Cart fees apply. 

  • Extra dependent $250

  • Includes Unlimited green fees. 

  • Cart Fees apply. 

  • Extra depenent $250

  • Undergraduate up to 25 years old.

  • Includes Unlimited green fees. 

  • Cart Fees apply. 





Premium Member Individual

  • Unlimited green fees. 

  • 30 Anytime cart fee vouchers.

  • Extra dependent $500 with 15 vouchers

  • GHIN Membership included ($50 value)


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As a member of Punta Borinquen Golf Club you agree:


  1. All memberships are on an annual basis.

  2. All fees are payable in advance.

  3. An individual membership extends directly to an individual.

  4. A dependant membership covers spouse residing in the same address or children under 18 years old.

  5. Payment plan available (extra charge $10.00 per payment after the first payment).The payment is due every 1st day of the agreed month, any failure to pay each installment as promised will result in termination of the Membership Offer in compromise, and monies paid to PBGC will be applied against the total liability. Must sign agreement. Restrictions may apply .

  6. Students must be 25 years old or younger. Only in their first 5 years of college. Must present college enrollment.

  7. There will be no refunds under any circumstances or transfer of membership.


  1. Every member must be enrolled in the GHIN System for participation in PBGC member tournaments and Club Championship.

  2. All members will have a 15% of on PBGC Logo Merchandise, a 10% off on selected Pro Shop Items, a 10% off on the 19th Hole Bar & Café and special prices at the SMG Golf Academy.

  3. Some membership includes unlimited one person cart fees; the second round is upon availability.

Premium memberships:

  1. Silver: Includes unlimited green fees, 30 one anytime one player cart fee vouchers & GHIN Membership.  Extra dependent $500 & has 15 one anytime one player cart fee.

  2. Gold: Includes unlimited green fees, unlimited driving range use, unlimited one person player fees weekdays only,  & GHIN Membership.  Extra dependent $800.

  3. Platinum: Includes unlimited green fees, unlimited one player cart fees, unlimited driving range use & GHIN Membership. Extra dependent $1,000.

  4. Platinum Family: Includes unlimited green fees, unlimited one player cart fees, unlimited driving range use & GHIN Membership. Includes spouse and two children under 18 years (Extra children $500).


General Rules

  1. All service must be paid in advance at the Club House.

  2. All members must register in Pro Shop before heading out to play.

  3. The golf carts are designed for two passengers and two golf bags. Players registered as a walking golfer are not allowed to travel with players using a cart.

  4. No fivesomes allowed.

  5. Each player must have their own set of clubs or rental clubs. Two or more players cannot play with one set of clubs.

  6. Members must comply fully with the international and local rules of golf and guidance of the Marshall and Starter.

  7. Personal coolers and beverages are not allowed in the premises.

  8.  PBGC will not be liable for any loss or damage to personal property partner packages including golf clubs, shoes, cell phones and vehicles, among other equipment.

  9. PBGC is not responsible for items left in golf carts, cars in parking among others.

  10. Each member is responsible for damage to property or damages PBGC others.

  11. PBGC property cannot be removed from the facilities, except with the prior permission of the general manager.

  12.  May be necessary to close the club during extreme weather. This includes the golf course, putting green and driving range. During this time no walking golfers allowed.

  13. PBGC reserves the right to change prices, benefits and regulations.

  14. PBGC reserves the right to refuse admission.



Dress Code

A. Polo style shirts with a collar or mock.
B.No sandals are allowed on the course.
C.Only golf shoes or sports shoes.


Golf Cart Use


A. Every cart must be paid before starting the game.
B. Only two people are permitted per cart.
C. Please follow all signs and take precautions for the proper care of the golf course.
D. Golf Cart must stay outside roped and marked areas.
E. PBGC will charge any damage cause to the golf cart.

F. 16 years of age and under are not allowed to drive carts.

G. The use of cars is restricted due to extreme climatic reasons, Maintenance work and / or special provisions of the Administrative Board and the Management

H. Always drive on the rough. Never cars should climb on tees and greens.

J. It is not allowed to travel on wells, land under repair, drop zones, hazards, etc.

K. Carts should not be driven through areas of standing water on fairways or other gravel areas that are visibly wet.

L. Avoid driving in newly planted areas, or any other area where there are maintenance works of the course.

M. Park the cart to one side or behind the green.

N. All 4 tires must be maintained on the trail when it exists and not parked outside.

O. Avoid violent stops and tight turns that cause skidding or displacement.

P. The car should always be stopped in a timely manner to avoid distracting a player preparing to hit the ball.

Q. Driving on sprinklers and yard markers is not permitted.

R. Always maintain a cautious speed, equivalent to a person's normal walking, especially on steep slopes.

S. The golf cart will be rented solely for use on the golf course.

T. The golf cart is rented for use on an 18-hole round. The cart must be returned at the end of the round to the cart attendant.

U. Violations of these rules will be informed in writing to the Board of Directors, who will apply the respective sanctions.

V. Claims must be written in the Claims Box that the Club has for this purpose, so that the Golf Committee investigates, analyzes and determines the penalty to be applied to the fault committed, which could be, the Suspension of the use of the cart, for a term to be determined by the Board of Directors, according to the recidivism and severity of the fault.

W. The Club's golf office will keep track of any fouls committed by the players. Other Rules and restrictions may apply.


PBGC members agrees to indemnify its directors, employee, agents for any loss caused by intentional or negligent acts of a member, guest member, dependents, including acts occurred under the influence of alcohol or other substances.

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